About conference

SorS conference is a traditional meeting for the insurance industry that brings together representatives from the most prominent insurance and reinsurance companies in the region, like Bosna Re, Croatia Lloyd, Croatia osiguranje, DDOR Novi Sad, Dunav, Euroherc osiguranje, Lovćen osiguranje, Osigurateljna polica, Sava Re, Sarajevo osiguranje, Triglav osiguranje,etc. Over the years SORS has also hosted many worldly renowned insurance companies like AON, Gen Re, Munich Re, Partner Re, SCORE, Swiss Re, Willis, whose presence only further confirms that SORS has gained a strong reputation and a loyal following among the insurance professionals.

The first SorS was held in Split in 1980. The next year the conference moved to Sarajevo were it still remains. Originally the letter S in the name SorS stood for Split but now it represents the city of Sarajevo. In 33 years SorS wasn't held from 1991 to 2000. SorS is organized by the Insurance Association in collaboration with Tectus Ltd. and its trade journal Svijet osiguranja, which is also a media sponsor of the conference.

SorS is one of the leading insurance events in the region that every year gathers about 200 participants, mostly presidents and board members of insurance companies with the intent to share experiences and acquaint themselves with the latest trends in the insurance industry. Each year the main topic of the conference is also a matter of a general interest to the insurers of the region and the conference is an ideal place to start a discussion about it.

An integral part of each conference is an introduction of the reports about the current conditions of the insurance industry in the region. It is an opportunity to compare and contrast different markets and find new strategies to enhance business activity. Usually, there are also organized two or three round tables on topics that are addressing current needs of the insurance market.

SorS Conference gives insurance professionals a forum to meet and discuss the issues of the day, while taking stock of developments in the insurance market. The information exchanged in this atmosphere is extremely valuable because it can not be found anywhere else. Each year two hundred insurers and reinsures from the region and the entire world confirm that by attending the conference.