Prof. emerit. dr. Boris Marović, Prof. dr. Vladimir Njegomir
New trends that transform insurance and reinsurance

Zlatan Filipović, dipl. iur.
Sanctions and reinsurance

Mr. sc. Branko Pavlović, dipl. ing. el., Vesna Minić Pavlović, dipl. mat.
The power of data to secure the future

Mr. sc. Nina Kelemen, CFA
The role of the insurance sector in tackling climate change

Dr. sc. Marijan Ćurković
Insurance distribution activity - legal framework

Dr. sc. Šime Savić
Criteria for compensation of non-property damage/non-material damage caused by the use of a motor vehicle under the law of the Republic of Croatia and under the law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Doc. dr. sc. Jasmina Đokić
Liability for damage caused to third parties by the use of towing and trailer vehicles

Emina Jahić, Agencija za osiguranje u Bosni i Hercegovini
Insurance Market of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Boris Šaban, Udruženje Nacionalni biro osiguravača Crne Gore
Insurance Market of Montenegro

Trajče Latinovski, Nacionalno Biro osiguranja RSM
Insurance Market of North Macedonia

Maja Krumberger, Slovensko zavarovalno združenje, GIZ
Insurance Market of Slovenia

Milo Marković, Udruženje osiguravača Srbije
Insurance Market of Serbia



Prof. dr. Boris Marović, prof. dr. Vladimir Njegomir, Tamara Bikicki MSC
New and changed risks and damages caused by the development of insurance and reinsurance - global and regional aspect

Izv. prof. dr. sc. Marijan Ćurković
Exclusions from insurance and loss of rights from insurance in compulsory motor liability insurance

Mr. sc. Branko Pavlović, dipl. ing. el.
The influence of internet intelligent devices on modern trends in insurance

Davor Škobić, Mate Rupčić, dr. sc. Stipo Čelar, dr. sc. Linda Vicković
Insurance through SaaS and IoT technology

Vladimir Puvača
Disruptive innovations in the business of insurance companies - examples and experiences

Goran Jovanović
Liberalization of the insurance market and sale of VAS-Value-Added Service services and stand-alone products with basic insurance products

Doc. dr. sc. Maja Mihelja Žaja
Insurance against fire and elemental damage in the digital age - the case of Croatia

Prof. dr. Sherif Gashi, mr. sc. Adnan Berisha
Dangers that today threaten the wealth and physical security of the countries of the Western Balkans

Zlatan Filipović, dipl. iur.
The reinsurance response to changes in the modern world

Insurance market of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019

Macroeconomic performance of Montenegro in 2019

Situations and trends in the insurance market in the Republic of Northern Macedonia in 2019/2018, with measures for 2020

Slovenian insurance market in 2019

Overview of the situation and trends in the insurance market of the Republic of Serbia


Prof. Emeritus Dr. Boris Marović, Prof. Dr. Sc. Vladimir Njegomir:
Digitalization and other strategic directions for development of  insurance and reinsurance companies

Prof. Dr. Sc. Marijan Ćurković:
Distributor’s obligation to inform consumers of insurance products  according to European Insurance Distribution Directive

Katica Tomić, PhD, LLM:
Digitalization in the insurance industry and the law  applicable to smart contracts

Maja Mihelja Žaja, PhD, Mihovil Anđelinović, PhD:
The role of digitalization in managing catastrophic risks

M. Sc. E. E. Branko Pavlović:
Software robots as insurers’ digital business operations

Davor Škobić, dr. sc. Krešimir Fertalj:
Insurance companies’ data integration

Zoran Miloševič:
Numerous faces of digitalization in insurance

M. sc. Anida Lačević Hot, dipl. oec:
Digitalization as factor of insurance companies’ competitive advantage

Alen Žagar:
Generali Serbia MobApp

Dr. Sc. Enes Sadović:
Digitalization in insurance – with emphasis on life and health insurance

Dr. Sc. Mirjana Babić:
Donations and sponsorships in function of  strengthening socially  responsible image of insurance companies in the Republic of Croatia

M. Sc. Fikret Plevljak:
Digitalization as an insurance companies’ strategic development  tool in risk assessment, premium personalization, and claims  investigation and assessment

Sunčica Đorđević:
Influence of e-commerce on competitiveness of motor insurance sales

B. Sc. Zorica L. Šipovac:
Digital (r)evolution in the insurance of the Republic of Serbia

Vladimir Đorđević:
Unit-linked life insurance, strategic path for life insurance development